Erotica Spooktacular: A Horrifying Halloween Bundle

Candy corn, witches, monsters, and menage! Mintie Price has cooked up a witches’ brew of Halloween shorts for your erotic pleasure. With over 24k words of filth, what does this spooky collection contain?

Satan & Friends: An XXX Tale of Devilish Fun
After notorious jewel thief Jessie Thompson “RIPs” off a cliff, Satan and her charming green demons lick their lips for the new plaything.

Bad Werewolf: XXX Monster Fun
Midge is a lot like other girls her age. She enjoys scary movies, long walks in a graveyard, and dreams that someday, a horrific monster will take her virginity.

Vampire Nasties: An XXX Tale With A Bite
A twisted, nasty tale about what happens when a group of vampires prey upon a girl who should have stayed away from Craigslist.

Bitchin’ Witches: An XXX Lesbian Forest Romp
The recipe for a perfect erotic short is as follows:
1 moonlit May Day night.
1 roaring bonfire in the woods.
40 female witches of every age, type, and taste.
Countless bottles of red wine.
.5 tsp of witchy aphrodisiac.

Mile High Monsters: An XXX Gremlin Menage
Have you ever heard the tales of little green men, messing with airplanes and dancing on the wings? These mischievous gremlins live for trouble, tormenting pilots in skies above the globe. And of course, having their way with beautiful airplane stewardesses.

Grab a bag of mini candies and light a candle for your Kindle; this collection will get you in the Halloween spirit and then get you off!

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