A “Tiny Turn On” Erotic Short: Because You’re Mine

The “Tiny Turn On” series will feature a standalone erotic short in less than 1,000 words. If you enjoy this story, let me know!

My latest renter is a dish: tall, curly-haired, eyes like a doe. He came from a North Virginian town that has too many vowels in its name and too many trees. That is why I have bewitched him to do my bidding, because he is as tempting as a box of office doughnuts.

It is midnight.

I can hear the owl perched on the tree out front saying hoo, hoo, hoo. White moonlight drips through the windows as I summon Frank from his room, a fully-furnished suite that I rent him for $666 dollars a month.

Come out, little man, come out here and do what I bid you.

There are no lights, only candles. The October wind blows through my black lace curtains and then through my pubic hair. I like the feeling of wind on skin, especially when it’s sharpened by the bite of fall. The seasons are changing and so my magic is especially powerful. I close my eyes and sit cross-legged on the floor until the chill creeps up my ass cheeks and throughout my body.

Franks enters with his eyes glazed, my charming zombie. He wears a white cotton shirt and blue striped boxers; I can see his muscle through the fabric. He does not look at me or anything in the room, instead fixing his eyes on nothing.

Kiss me.

The spell compels Frank to walk towards me, and I stand up from the floor. He kisses me but slowly, as if he is not sure he remembers how to kiss. His tongue flicks into my mouth. I feel my body bubble up in response. Although, I confess, I taste cigarettes on his lips. I charge a $50 additional fee for smokers and will have to remember this tomorrow.

Touch me.

Frank’s hands move up and down my naked flesh, tugging at my nipples and dancing in between my legs. He grabs a gob of wetness between two fingers and then paints my body with the cream, moving around to grab my ass while we kiss. I moan because it is so nice to have his hands on me, pinching and pulling. I could love a man like Frank, even if he wasn’t bewitched.

Eat me.

He falls with a thump onto his knees, and I spread my legs. With his eyes open and unmoved as a corpse, he finds my cunt with his tongue and licks everything he finds. He dips his tongue deep inside of my witchy pussy, lapping up my juice, swallowing it in automatic gulps. I grab his curly hair so tight that I pull out entire curls.

Fuck me.

Frank lays me back on the chalk pentagram that I have so carefully drawn on the wooden floor. He opens my legs with force while his cock looks for my hole; a blind and naked mole rat. Tomorrow he will imagine that this was all a dream. A nice, if a little weird, nocturnal emission with his landlady.

His cock finds me and moves inside of me. I am filled up with him, tightening over him, rolling with pleasure because I am so wet and he is so handsome. I scream out something shrill and cum on his wonderful cock. The spell works; he doesn’t cum until I finish.

You’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine.

Photo credit: Cea. via Visual hunt / CC BY