Whipped Cream Social: An Erotic Menage in Candy Heaven

The crowd is undressing around him, each at their own pace. Girls slip and slink out of their dresses, men unzip. Clothes are tossed onto gumdrops and sparkling swirls. First kisses are exchanged. Couples move into corners and take long sips of sugary drinks.

Welcome to The Whipped Cream Social Club, a paradise where only the most rich and influential can tie themselves into naked pretzels under cotton candy clouds.

Misty and Charlotte are anxious guests here for the first time, setting their target on the eccentric billionaire owner of the club: Gavin Morland.

Will they get their wish of a threesome with the mysterious host?

It’s an XXX Willy Wonka with a whole lot of whipped cream and cherries. You’re invited to enjoy the treat in this erotic ride!

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