Masturbation Monday: The Snake Charmer


This erotica short is an entry to the weekly Masturbation Monday challenge, hosted by author Kayla Lords! The rules are simple: write something nasty that makes people want to masturbate. If you liked to read it, “like” this post! 🙂

“Madame Yasmin Roshan Abubakar” wears dark blue silk and a chain of gold coins around her belly. Her mystical tent is dense with candles and scented by spices, cardamom and jasmine. She has kohl around her eyes and a long black braid that falls down past her waist, a look of “the Orient” for the midwestern visitors at the Greenbrier’s Circus of Wonderment.

Yasmin’s real name is Marge Derry, a tanned former resident of Oklahoma City. She has been with the Circus of Wonderment for years now, perfecting her kohl and adding gold bangles to her collection.

In the round circle of her tent, there is a wicker basket wherein a cobra naps. Once you have paid Yasmin the small fee, you can watch her play a penny whistle until the snake dances out from the basket and sways to the terrible, if enthusiastic, sound of Yasmin’s song. This is her living and her gift.

Tonight the sky is clear and dark above the tent, and two men ask to enter. Her bouncer, a strongman named Gary, allows them through. Yasmin waits for them, sprawled across her tent boudoir in exotic supplication.

“Come eeen, come eeen,” she says in a heavy false accent.

The men sit on the Oriental rug in front of the basket and wait for the show to begin. Their eyes adjust to the darkness of the tent, taking in the bric-a-brac and Yasmin’s slender bare waist. She opens her hands for payment, and they give her three times the fee for the snake charming.

“Oh I zee! Zis does make things different.”

She pushes the snake basket to the side, jewelry jangling as she moves. There are now two new snakes here, ready for her charm. Yasmin stands above the men and dances to the sound of music playing from a hidden record player in the tent. Her hips zip back and forth while her arms wiggle and wave. She strips off her silk top, exposing two full breasts that dance and bounce. The man can feel their snakes stretch and awaken from within their pants.

Now Yasmin bends down to free the snakes, unzipping their trousers and revealing the flesh. Two pink beasts, each with a swollen head. With evident delight, she spits into her left and right hand. Then she takes hold of each cock, flicking her wrists until the bangles ring with music as she jerks.

“Such fine snakes, oh! I love to touch such monsters, to make them obey!”

While she jerks, she moves her shoulders back and forth so the men can watch her tits dance. She has rouged both nipples and her areolas are dark and potent. The men moan to have their snakes tugged by Yasmin. They avoid each other’s glances.

She moves fast, bracelets singing. Cling! Cling! Cling! Her hands are tight around each cock, perfectly matching the pace on right or left. For the grand finale, she bends her body down and licks the tip of the dangerous snakes, teasing them with circles. Then she spits on the cocks for extra lubrication, covering them with her sticky spit.

The snakes are ready to release venom into her hand, swollen and well-charmed. First one releases, then the other. White milk covers her hand all the way up to the bangles, while the men close their eyes tight and shudder to a finish.

Once they are done, Yasmin wipes her hand using a red handkerchief. Then she kisses each man on the cheek, drawing them into her potent scent.

“Come and zee me again!” she says. “Come and zee Yasmin!”

The men zip up their trousers and head out into the circus, hungry for corn dogs.

Photo credit: egisto.sani via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA