Masturbation Monday: Vera Goes to the Movies


This erotica short is an entry to the weekly Masturbation Monday challenge, hosted by author Kayla Lords! The rules are simple: write something nasty that makes people want to masturbate. If you liked to read it, “like” this post! 🙂

“One ticket, please.”

Vera wears a long coat trimmed with black faux fur and harsh red lipstick. She does everything with force, even the task of buying a movie ticket. She signs her name on the paper receipt with a large “V,” and then walks into the theater for a snack.

The lobby is filled with less intense people wearing sweatpants and t-shirts. Most are here to watch the latest superhero feature, Superman Dies Vol. III. Vera walks to the counter and orders a large popcorn with extra butter along with a large Coke. She sweeps her eyes over the hungry masses, wishing they would show superhero movies in their own designated building.

She is here to see Springtime Emerges in Moscow, a Criterion film re-released for a discerning crowd. Vera finds the smallest screen at the end of the hallway and enters in darkness. The credits have already begun, guiding her walk with milky light from the screen. Before she sits, she scans each seat to look for something delicious.

Her target is a man sitting alone in the top left, wearing a bomber jacket and glasses. There are so many cinephiles that find their way here on Friday night, eschewing social fun for a movie they’ve seen ten times. Vera makes her way up to the seat next to his, eager for the lonesome man. He has round cheeks and shining eyes that give him a childlike complexion in the darkness. She, a spider, takes a seat next to her prey.

She makes quick work of her task. The movie is, although well-directed, is very dull. For instance, there is a ten minute sequence of rain falling on rooftops with no music. Vera bumps the young man’s shoulder and spills popcorn onto his lap “accidentally.” They lock eyes and laugh. She is the prettiest woman who’s ever sat next to him in a theater, and she knows it.

His hard cock makes an obvious lump in his jeans. Her hands dance down the side of the armrest and tiptoe over to this lump. He holds his breath while her long fingers move back and forth over his shaft. He’s heard this kind of thing happened in theaters, but he didn’t believe it.

Vera unzips him and sets his prick free during an especially loud rain sequence. His cock flowers upward, greeting her. With her hands greased by extra popcorn butter, she circles the cock with her fingers and jerks. The shine of butter on his skin is visible by the light of the screen.

Now Vera is ready to taste the cinephile, bending down and taking him into her mouth. It is a salty, delicious treat. Surprised by the warmth of her mouth and the entire experience, the stranger moans so loudly that he is heard above the movie. No one turns around to look.

Her red lipstick makes a neat circle around his cock as she dips down and swallows him whole. He knows that he is about to shoot a stream of cum down her throat, but doesn’t know how best to handle it. Give her a warning? Pull away and cum into his hand? He doesn’t have time to make a decision as white streams of cum pump into Vera’s mouth, filling her. She looks up at him, makes eye contact, and swallows.

Now she sits up and looks back towards the screen with smeared lipstick. The scene shows a dawn meeting of lovers, and the brightness is just enough for Vera to pull a compact out of her purse and fix her wayward makeup. The stranger tucks his cock back into his pants and zips up quietly, unsure what will happen next. Should they exchange numbers?

Vera has other plans. She rolls up her dark blue dress and shows the cinephile that she is not wearing any underwear. Her cunt is topped with a swirl of dark curls, and she opens it with her fingers for him. While he watches, she rubs herself. She makes sure that he sees every time her index and middle finger sink into her pussy and pull back out again. She rubs a circle around her pink button and moans in the theater, louder than the film classic.

Her masturbation is a well-rehearsed performance, perfectly tuned to please its audience. The stranger feels his cock harden again as Vera rides her own hand and finishes under the cinema lights. She doesn’t break eye contact with the stranger, even as he coughs and flinches from her gaze. Wordlessly, she cums.

Satisfied, Vera pulls down her dress and reaches for her Coke. Although the stranger waits for her to start up all over again or reach for his still-hard cock, she ignores him and enjoys the rest of the movie in silence. On the whole, she finds the pacing terrible. But the happy ending is what makes Springtime Emerges in Moscow a classic.

Photo credit: zoesque via / CC BY-NC-ND