Masturbation Monday: The Peeping Step Sister


This erotica short is an entry to the weekly Masturbation Monday challenge, hosted by author Kayla Lords! The rules are simple: write something nasty that makes people want to masturbate. If you liked to read it, “like” this post! 🙂

It took me three nights to carve the peephole inside of my closet, using several different tools in darkness. The closet is the best place for peeping, since you can close yourself inside and no light will stream through the hole. When I’m not peeping to the other side, I ball up a bandanna and fill the round gap. It’s primitive, but it works.

The peephole from my closet looks through my step brother’s messy bookshelf. It’s the perfect spot; his shelf is messy enough with bric-a-brac and old Coke cans never to notice the tiny speck in the wall. His entire room, in fact, is made up of mountains of mystery crap. Hoodies, backpacks, tennis shoes, and empty chip bags. He’ll never find the peephole.

One of his many girlfriends is coming over tonight, if what I heard through the wall is correct. Marcy, The Cheerleader, who always begs him to get married before college starts and he heads off to UCLA. He always says no, but with a question mark at the end. No?

I prepare the closet. A large bag of chips, a 16 oz of Coke, and a dildo.

They’re already making out on the bed by the time I sit down to watch, nestled in clean laundry that I never bothered to put away. Marcy is on top of Eric, pulling up his shirt and trying to get to those infamous abs. I crunch my chips as quietly as I can while he lifts her shirt and reaches around to unhook her bra.

Her breasts are two enormous water balloons, larger than any other girl he fucks. Eric takes a nipple into his mouth and sucks like a baby while she leans over him, already moaning thanks to half a pint of gin. The TV in his room is playing a horror movie; zombies.

Eric pulls his cock out of his pants while she holds herself up. It is a thick and wonderful thing; its appearance already makes me wet between the legs. I slip off my underwear and start to toy with myself, just a little bit. Warming up, like Eric.

When Marcy notices his cock has appeared, she creeps down the unmade bed and bends over it. She teases the tip with a pierced tongue, running it around in circles, tempting him. I can tell that he loves it, especially when he throws his head back and closes his eyes tight. Then, she swallows him whole. She can fit more than half of the cock into her mouth, but no more than that. The rest she works with her right hand.

I start to play with myself in time with her movement; each time she dips over him, I push my fingers up into my wet pussy. He groans louder than the zombies in the movie and I match his noise in the darkness of my closet.

He asks Marcy to bend over so that he can fuck her, hard. He whispers this command to avoid waking up Mom and Dad, but I hear it. When she is bent over in front of him, he leans in to eat her ass and suck on her cunt. She giggles like a schoolgirl, as if it’s her first time. It isn’t.

I watch my step brother pull away from her and grab a condom from his bedside table. He slides the green plastic over his dick, and I grab my dildo. When he enters Marcy, I push the thick purple cock into myself at the same time.

He is not a gentle fuck, pulling her hair as he pushes inside of her and then thrusts back. He spanks her fat, firm ass and grunts. I want him to fuck me so badly, so much. I’m a mousy nothing to him, just someone who keeps eating all of the Lucky Charms and embarrassing him in the history class we share.

He fucks Marcy, I fuck myself. She is so wet that the green condom shines with her juice. It takes a great deal of imagination to pretend that his cock is fucking me, that I am bent over on his bed like one of his little sluts. The way that Marcy squeals, it sounds like he’s so thick that it hurts her.

I’m close to cumming, so is he. After watching him for so long over these years, I’ve been able to time our orgasm perfectly. He pulls her ass into him completely and holds it there while he fills her, or technically the condom, with creamy cum. I want him to fill me so badly that I cum a moment later, pressing myself against the wall and shaking to a finish.

When it’s all finished, I pull the dildo out of my cunt and eat a handful of chips. Then, I take the bandanna, fill the peephole, and ignore the sound of Marcy begging Eric to take her to UCLA. A peeper’s job well done.

Photo credit: Beaulawrence via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA