Sinful Suburbia Bundle: 3 Erotic Tales Behind Closed Doors

Cheerful matching houses all in a row, rose bushes, and a new car in every driveway. Suburban paradise; the American dream. But what is lurking behind these doors with a “No Solicitation” sign? These three erotic shorts reveal the dirty truth hidden by your smiling, waving neighbors.

Enjoy over 15,000 words of erotica bliss, starring a cast of lonely housewives, naughty stepdaughters, and girls who run track.

What can you expect to find in the “Sinful Suburbia Bundle”?

Mr. Russell and the Brat: An XXX Tale of Family Fun
Mr. Russell enjoys taking vitamins and jogging. His step-daughter Olivia enjoys chaos. The one thing they share is a taboo craving for each other.

Fix It, Baby: An XXX Tale of a Housewife and a Plumber
When this housewife and plumber come together, it’s sinful, unprofessional, and very very wet. Enjoy this little squirt of a tale with a bath towel handy. You’ll need it!

Dirty Pillows: An XXX All-Girl Sleepover Tale
What happens when you mix together five girls, booze, and a game of truth or dare? A fantasy sleepover with a whole lot of tongue and a whole lot of pillows.

Ding, dong! Someone should answer the door, your pleasure delivery is here. And also, a pizza.

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