A “Tiny Turn On” Erotic Short: Witchy Woman

The “Tiny Turn On” series will feature a standalone erotic short in less than 1,000 words. If you enjoy this story, let me know!

The moon is peach-ripe and ready for mischief. I switch off the electric lights of my home from top to bottom, and then reverse my path to light candles. My black cats battle, excited by the change, nearly tripping me as I carry a box of matches from room to room. White moonlight drips onto the floor from open curtains, and I finish lighting the last candles above the fireplace mantle.

Here in the living room, on the first floor of my hand-me-down Victorian home, I open the glass windows and let in the night air. Then I take my broom from the cupboard and place it in front of the fireplace. It is a crooked little monster, worn from many years of riding.

I evoke His Evilness, then set to work preparing my broom for the ride.

The oils I use for the ritual are a blend of coconut oil and expensive spices, called “Mother’s Milk.” I rub this from the bottom of the broom’s handle to the top, until it is slick and shiny from the mixture. When finished, I rub my hands together to let the fragrance seep in. It is a beautiful night for a ride.

I undress carefully, chanting all the while. First my long skirt, my loose cotton blouse, my underthings. The moonlight smooths out my flaws and makes me look young again; hooray for the nighttime! My breasts are full and motherly, my hips are wide set and built for witchcraft.

Now, the ritual.

There is not much to it. Less to it than you would think. Standing, I rub the broomstick between my legs and up into my naked cunt. I feel the folds of my pussy cover each side of the broomstick and absorb the secret mixture. The cold wooden handle of the broom heats up with each pass of my cunt, mirroring my own temperature, becoming one with my body.

I press the bud of my clit onto the wooden handle of the broom; the ritual only works with pleasure. Each pass takes me farther and farther away from reality. Pleasure engorges my cunt and the bottom of my belly as I ride harder and harder on the sacred stick.

Now I use the tips of my fingers to rub against my clit along with the broom as it pulls back and forth between my legs. Magic builds, my pussy swells.

“Uugh, oof!”

My moans disturb the cats and I hear them scurry away, but don’t see them. With eyes shut tight, I continue the ritual until the broom handle is soaked with my own mystic juices. My orgasm builds and I know soon that the ritual will be complete.

“Oh, His Evilness, watch how I ride for you!”

My orgasm spills onto the broom in squirts. I shudder and moan, grabbing my breast and riding the broom hard. Now the ritual is complete, and my feet lift off the ground. Nothing in my body has weight. The air is like water around me, carrying me out in a current towards the night sky.

I fly with my broom out the window. The broom swoops up into the sky, lifting me higher through the warm night and up towards the moon. Below me, a night forest waves hello, spotted with lights from other homes in my neighborhood. I can see the city lights far in the distance, filled with unmagical people. My cunt is numb from pleasure, and it is wonderful. Holding on to the broom with one hand, I let the other hand trail to the side and feel the wind tickle my fingers. I fly fast on my broom, happy, following the moon in the south until the pleasure subsides.

Photo credit: dhammza via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND