A “Tiny Turn On” Erotic Short: Sleeping Beauty

The “Tiny Turn On” series will feature a standalone erotic short in less than 1,000 words. If you enjoy this story, let me know!

My step-sister has one very specific thing that she likes to do.

It is late at night, very late, too late for watchable television and too late for romantic ex-texts. I can already hear a few confused birds outside, waiting for the yellow light of dawn to rile up the sleeping bugs and make them happy.

I crawl out of bed in boxer shorts after my alarm goes off, rubbing eyes and stretching. Without turning on a light, I open the door to my bedroom and tiptoe down the hallway past our parent’s bedroom. My mom, her dad. Both totally unaware of what Shannon likes to do during long summer vacations from college, when we’re both choking from small town unhappiness.

Her door is cracked open, but only by a dark inch. I push it open and enter.

Shannon’s room is a shrine to floral print, rhinestones, expensive makeup, and knockoff bags. I can see the lump of her body in the bed, covered by a cheetah print blanket. If I listen carefully, I can also hear her dense breathing. In, out. She is in the middle of a heavy sleep, dreaming of floating iced lattes and little pugs. I creep to the side of her bed and look down, adjusting my eyes to the darkness of her room. Unlike my own cave, she has a nightlight in one corner. It casts a ghostly glow over everything, even her skin.

Bending over her, I pull back the light sheet. She is wearing a black tank top and panties, nothing else. She is asleep on her side, with her knees curled up by her chest. Black hair is tangled on the pillow, and I can almost see her smiling.

I reach down to stroke her, just to test and see if she’ll startle. First I stroke her arm, then down to her waist, then over her ass. My flat hand presses down, but lightly. When my hand touches the bottom of her panties between her legs, I run my hand over the fabric. Her cunt is warm, not quite wet, but very warm. She doesn’t move.

Now I move the fabric to the side and let my finger tickle her pussy, feeling the warm folds and searching for the small hole. Shannon wiggles now, but I’m not sure if she’s awake. It’s hard to tell when she’s faking anymore, and when she’s actually asleep. I’m jealous of this.

After I’ve toyed with her, I stick my finger into her tight hole. She moans a little, and moves so that her legs move out of the way. I finger fuck her, which is no easy task at this angle, and move my index in and out of her. Once I feel my finger coated with her cream, I get onto the bed as carefully as I can and bend down next to her pussy.

It’s difficult the find the right angle in the darkness without waking her up. Crouching down low, I hold her panties to one side and try to find her slit with my tongue. She tastes salty, delicious. Her breathing has changed now, and I guess that she is awake and faking it at last. Don’t talk to me when you do it, she told me a million times.

I dip my tongue into her hot cunt and suck on the folds. It’s hard to keep quiet while I lick her, and I know it’s just as hard for her. She moves some more, adjusting herself firmly on my face. My cock is thick and hard, dying to enter her. I want her to cum on it, want to fill her with everything I’ve got.

When I can’t take it anymore, I pull away from her pussy and wipe the juice off my chin. Laying on my side behind her, I spoon her body so that my cock can enter her from the side. She doesn’t move, letting me manage the hard work.

My dick slides into her cunt smoothly; she is so wet and ready that it can’t resist. I feel her exhale and shift to find the right fit. According to her (waking) self, this is one of the only ways that she can orgasm. I feel altruistic, and the high pushes me close to the edge as I fuck her over and over.

The bed makes a slight noise as we rock back and forth. I grab onto her hips and pull her motionless body towards me. Part of the fun and challenge is that she doesn’t try to move, doesn’t try to help me. I can still hear her moan though, like she has a tickle in the back of her throat.

She cums first, shuddering and shaking beyond her control. I can feel her pussy latch onto my dick, pulling at me, milking me for cum. I follow soon after, pumping cream into the Sleeping Beauty as I grit my teeth together.

I don’t bother to clean my mess or give her a post-sex high five. I pull out of her creamy hole and slip my boxers back over my hard cock. Then, creeping off the bed, I tiptoe back into the darkness of the hall. Before I close the door behind me, I can hear Shannon rustle in the bed.

“Thanks,” she says in the darkness. I don’t reply.
Photo credit: alfarman via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC