The Fetish Dictionary: Gerontophilia

The Fetish Dictionary takes one sexual “philia” and explores it through a short fictional scenario. This week’s word is…


“Sexual attraction toward the elderly. Love for the elderly or old age.” (Source)

The Graham Street Apartment Complex is a bright red brick building with white gingerbread trim that looks like a postcard from a happier, distant time. It is also one of the last affordable buildings in the city, with a mix of single urban professionals, families with young children, and retirees living in rent-controlled apartments that they had owned since the building was erected.

Chloe Hoffman has lived in Graham Street since she was too young to remember, and is now an irresponsible 18-year-old. And she wishes to live there until she dies, forever reading on the fire escape and using the alley between the apartment building and those around it to hide from her parents. Today she chews gum in the hall, locked out of her apartment thanks to a clerical error known as “sibling mayhem.”

She is staring at the door to apartment 319, where Mr. Green lives. He is a handsome 62 year-old with shining dark eyes and bushy brows, who loves painting and reading and fine wine. The door is slightly cracked, and Chloe debates whether or not to peek in. She has often thought about Mr. Green inviting her in for coffee and doing unspeakable things to her body. Sometimes she walks by in bathing suits and mini skirts specifically to tempt him into it, strutting slowly past his door and coughing for attention. He never bites. He just goes on being polite, well-dressed, and lovely.

Chloe has had enough. She stands up and peeks into the darkness of the apartment, hoping to catch Mr. Green doing something naughty. The apartment seems empty. Assuming he forgot to close the door all of the way before leaving, she enters and closes the door behind her.

The living room has a heavy darkness, a byproduct of green velvet curtains. It smells like peppermint and is spotless; Mr. Green has no pets and is unmarried. Chloe feels a thrill up and down her wicked body. She thinks about stealing something and masturbating with it, then returning the object before its owner returns home.

And then, she gasps.

Mr. Green is laying on the couch, asleep. He is flat on his back and sprawled out comfortably, naked from head to toe. White hair covers his chest and trails down to his cock, which stands up to greet Chloe even if its owner does not. She devours the view, trying to memorize each detail of his body. There has always been something so forbidden and delicious about older men; she had been attracted to him as long as she could remember.

After a devilish inspiration, Chloe creeps beside the couch and leans over her neighbor’s firm cock. She opens her mouth and sticks out her pink tongue, creeping closer to his flesh. At first, there is only a little touch from her tongue to Mr. Green’s cock. And then a lick. And then a longer lick. Soon Chloe is running her tongue softly over his flesh from the base of his cock to the very triangle of his tip, careful not to press too hard.

Her licking is not merely for the sleeping man’s benefit. Chloe touches herself through the fabric of her pink panties, a single hand placed high up between her skirts. She is soaking wet for the sleeping man, dying to feel his old cock inside of her.

Mr. Green is wakes up after the second lick, but is clever enough to show no sign. He wants to see what his gorgeous neighbor plans to do with him.

He doesn’t have long to wait.

Chloe slips off her panties once she sees that Mr. Green has not stirred after all that licking. She suspects that he might be awake, and takes her chance knowing it all could end in shouting and police calling. But she can’t resist. She is too wicked to resist.

Straddling him on the couch, Chloe squats over Mr. Green’s cock and slowly lowers down. She guides the rod into her pussy and hears her neighbor moan, presumably in his “sleep.” He feels good inside of her, filling the hole that had been opened, stretched, and wetted with longing. She bounces on his thick cock with tiny jolts, trying not to move the couch too much or wake him. When she sees that he is unmoved, she squats down even more and rides Mr. Green fully.

Mr. Green can’t pretend anymore. He opens his eyes and watches his teenage neighbor ride on his cock; neither of them say a word. Reaching towards her, he holds her thin hips to steady her body onto his. She looks at him and licks her lips.

Chloe doesn’t take long to finish all over his cock. The sight of him holding her and the feeling of his cock completes the fantasy she has dreamed of for years. She’s never told anyone about the twitch between her legs around grandfatherly figures, especially Mr. Green.

“I’m cumming,” she whispers. Rolling her hips back and forth, she grinds on his cock so firmly that his white pubic hair tickles her own. She shakes on him, eyes closed, with an orgasm as strong as her pent up sexual fantasy had been.

After she finishes, Chloe feels a brief flash of embarrassment. She dismounts and dashes out of the apartment, forgetting her panties on the floor by the couch. Mr. Green, amazed, lays back and strokes himself until he cums onto his belly. He knows she’ll be back.

Photo credit: Postsumptio via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND