What Do the People Want to Read?!

My current strategy for both my blog, my Twitter, and my Amazon collection of erotic shorts is to cast an enormous, filthy net over the entire ocean and see what I drag up from the bottom. I’ve been monitoring which stories are selling best, which blog posts receive the most clicks, and which Tweets are getting lots of tiny hearts.

It’s been sad to see some of my content flap around like a fish on a hot deck. But, it’s inevitable. Not everyone can be as into pee fetish and tentacle porn as I am. Heartbreaking.

Without taking a screenshot and revealing my numbers, most of the traffic on my blog goes to my free erotic shorts. This includes my entries for Masturbation Monday as well as my Tiny Turn On series, currently the only two truly erotic features I have going.

I can see the appeal. The shorts are quick, fun, and all under 1,000 words. If you wanted to see what my style was like before committing to a .99 short on Amazon, this would be the place to go. Or if you just wanted a partial boner, this website would also do that special job for you.

Friends, things may change around here.

Instead of a post a day, mostly on the craft of writing erotica, I may stick to a series of weekly topics. I might have a fetish exploration day, or themed days for different partner pairings. Fewer blogs, perhaps. But more focused blogs.

It’s hard to argue with traffic. There are also so many plentiful resources out there for writers who want to improve their craft. Right now, this blog is sort of a grey mixture of erotica advice, my experience writing erotica, and some hot ass short stories about people eating tiddies and lickin some sweet ‘p. I think it’s time to give a trophy to the clear winner and put my writing effort where it matters.

Giving the people what they want.

The people want erotica. As with many numerous past revelations I’ve had since starting, I realize that if I visited a blog for one of my favorite erotica authors, I would want to see erotica. Any blog posts henceforth that deal with the craft of writing (because I will inevitably write those) will probably be under a new My Diary section or something. Maybe I’ll have a graphic for it?

Again, not to say that I won’t “write about writing,” but rather that the primary focus of mintieprice.com will be to give diligent readers and fans something nasty to enjoy during the interim between my short releases.

More focus.

More buttholes.

More stories.

Writers, let me know what you think in the comments below! Which blog posts attract the most attention on your website? What kind of content do you like to see, as both a writer and a consumer of erotic fiction?