Masturbation Monday: The Boy Scout


This erotica short is an entry to the weekly Masturbation Monday challenge, hosted by author Kayla Lords! The rules are simple: write something nasty that makes people want to masturbate. If you liked to read it, “like” this post! 🙂

Mrs. Lane pulls a batch of perfect chocolate chip cookies from the oven and places it on the granite countertop. When she bends over, her enormous breasts make a grand appearance between her low-cut blouse.

“Thanks mom,” her son Freddy says with the enthusiasm of an old dog.

“Thanks, Mrs. Lane,” his friend Noah says cheerfully, ignoring the cookies and staring at the breasts.

Mrs. Lane loves when the boys are back from college, sitting around the kitchen just like it was in high school. Back then she nearly had a conveyor belt of food for the boys, who loved the taste of her cooking and were growing fast enough to need it. Now that they are freshmen in college, she buys too many groceries and has no reason to preheat the oven.

“Delicious,” Noah moans as he shoves another uncooled cookie into his mouth.

The chef beams. Noah has grown so much more fit and handsome during his time at school, looking each day like a man and less like a wiry blue-eyed teen. Her son, unfortunately, gained the freshman fifteen and looks like a bowl of white playdough.

“I’m going to have to hurry to meet Coach,” says Freddy between bites. He is referring to his halfhearted tennis lessons that Mrs. Lane paid for this summer. “Can you give Noah a ride back? I’m taking the Prius.”

“Sure honey, don’t be late.”

Freddy scarfs another cookie, grabs his things, and leaves Mrs. Lane and his best friend alone together in the kitchen. They listen for the sound of the Prius starting up, followed by the blast of rap music, then finished by the sound of Freddy squealing the tires as he drives away.

“I only have a half hour,” Mrs. Lane says in a vixen’s lilt. “Hurry up and get changed.”

Noah knows the routine. He peels off his sleeveless tee, wiggles out of his cargo shorts, and flings off his sandals. From his JanSport, he pulls out a pair of green khaki pants, a light brown button up, and a thin colored scarf. It is a boy scout’s uniform, covered in badges. There are badges for successfully pitching a tent, lighting a fire with almost nothing, volunteering at a soup kitchen, and the list of proud accomplishments continue.

He struggles to wear the uniform, which stretches across his adult body and can hardly be buttoned or zipped. His broad chest nearly rips the shoulders out of the shirt, and dark chest hair peeks out between each button. The pants can only be pulled up to cover half of his ass. He ties the scarf around his neck helplessly, all while Mrs. Lane watches.

“My little Boy Scout, you’re growing so big,” she says, lost in the fantasy.

Mrs. Lane walks around the kitchen island and strokes Noah’s cheek. He trembles at the touch, still struggling to fasten each of the khaki-colored buttons on his shirt. She runs her hand beneath the fabric and strokes his chest, ignoring the hair for the sake of pretend.

“Did you get a new badge yet?”

“Yes ma’am, for picking up trash in the park.” Noah points to a patch with a recycling symbol sewn in emerald green.

“Let Mommy reward you for that.”

Mrs. Lane does not have to work hard to pull down the faded pants and locate Noah’s hard cock. She wraps her manicured hand around it and tugs the flesh, watching her favorite Boy Scout roll his eyes back in pleasure. She knows exactly how he likes it, exactly how fast and slow. Her charm bracelet jangles as she jerks.

“Good Boy Scouts are treated to a nice reward. Mommy loves the feeling of your cock in her hand.”

Noah groans. Mrs. Lane has always known how to milk him. His freshmen year attempts with other girls were fumbling and took forever. With her, he struggled to last longer than a few minutes.

“I’m going to cum, Mrs. Lane.”

She falls to her knees and takes his cock into her mouth, pulling down his boxers and wrinkled uniform pants even further.  Noah’s legs twitch and weaken as he fills Mrs. Lane with cream. Streaks of cum pour into her open mouth, and she swallows every drop.

“Good boy,” she says after gulping.

Mrs. Lane stands now, pulling down her top to reveal an enormous pink nipple. She pulls Noah’s head into her tit, and he sucks diligently while she moans. Now, she takes her hand and dips it between her legs. She’s not wearing any panties. Her hand finds her cunt and she starts to work it, fucking herself with a hard pace while Noah sucks on her breast.

“Yes, have all of Mommy’s milk. Keep going.”

Her pussy drips with cream, easily produced by the sight of Noah in his uniform. She takes in the view of his mouth latched around her nipple, suckling her with his eyes closed. Petting his hair with one hand and masturbating with the other, her orgasm appears like an unexpected guest.

“Yes! Keep going!” she screams.

He uses his other hand to dig into her top and pinch her left nipple while working the right. She finishes on three fingers crammed into her cunt, dreaming of the Boy Scout badge that would be appropriate for such an act.

“Good boy, my good boy,” she coos as Noah releases her tits. “You’re Mommy’s favorite.”

The former Boy Scout grabs another cookie from the counter and feels an exceptional sense of pride. On my honor, I will do my best.
Photo credit: CapCase via / CC BY