1,000 Twitter Followers: Holy Effin Shit

Well friends, we’ve done it. 1,000 Twitter followers. I’m about to rip through so much champagne that you may as well call 911 in advance for me, thank you.

I officially launched my Mintie adventure about January this year; I worked on my first short through December, then decided to really “give the dang thing a go” when January hit. That way, I could easily measure how much progress was made over the course of a year.

Without trying to be a modest maiden, I honestly thought I would only have about 200-300 followers by the time the first year ended. That seemed hefty. I don’t really know what I’m doing with erotica or marketing erotica online; I just love to write hot ass sex scenes.

It’s just a little over halfway through the year and I can’t believe that my stories have reviews, my blog has followers, and 1,000 gorgeous people (and a few porn cam spam bots who are still gorgeous) are following me.

It makes me want to cry! I am at a coffee shop and totally about to!

If you’ve liked my posts, read my shorts, visited my blog, followed my Twitter, or helped answer my many embarrassing questions as a “newbie” in this genre, thank you. So many of you are generous readers, reviewers, and honestly the best online community I’ve ever been apart of. I hope to do the same for others as they have so generously done for me.

Tears of joy! Now I’m going home from this coffee shop and day drinking.

Photo credit: Phycx via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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