A “Tiny Turn On” Erotic Short: Nurse Caroline

The “Tiny Turn On” series will feature a standalone erotic short in less than 1,000 words. If you enjoy this story, let me know!

Nurse Caroline starts her late shift at 9pm with a cup of coffee and three slim cigarettes. In her crisp white uniform, she is a cat stalking up and down the hospital hallway to listen for anything unusual and jump accordingly. Her walk is a sway, her hearing is keen.

Every nurse and doctor at St. Alexander wants to work the late shift with Caroline, who looks like she should be wearing a bikini instead of a uniform. Her laugh is loud and pleasant, and she remembers the names of husbands and wives. When she delivers a shot or some other pinching medical necessity, she does so with a lot of love in her hands.

Tonight, the night creeps as slowly as she does. She hangs up on a prank call in the main hallway, checks on a few snoring patients, and buys a Coke from the vending machine. It’s so quiet that she can hear patients cough and toss in their beds. There are ten patients in her wing tonight, each well-medicated and drooling.

At the end of the hallway, she looks in on a man who was injured in a motorcycle accident. His leather jacket lays at the end of his bed, waiting for him to get up and ride off once again. His name is Felix, a classic biker hunk who has been trying to sweet talk his way out of bed rest since he arrived. Caroline is surprised to see him sitting upright, reaching for a remote control.

“Do you need something?” she calls from the doorway.

“Yes ma’am. This remote and a lot of drugs, please.”

She is charmed by his scruff and silliness, and walks over to adjust his pillows and grab the remote. He’s the kind of patient she loves best; one with a sense of humor.

“Would you sit with me for a minute? I know you’re bored as hell, I saw you walk by five times yawning.”

“Of course.”

Caroline pulls up a chair and Felix switches on a late night talk show. They talk about nothing important and scoot towards each other bit by bit; an unexpected date. The nurse feels wicked trapping a handsome man, flirting with someone who can’t stand up and leave her. The patient feels even wickeder. Both of them can see an erection grow beneath the white bed sheet. Caroline can’t resist saying something.

“Well, that part of you seems to be recovering fine.”

“Would you take a closer look? I’m not trying to be weird, I’m honestly worried about the little guy.”

Nurse Caroline smiles as she pulls back the sheet. His cock is enormous, perfect, and standing tall for her pleasure. She lays her warm hand on the skin and strokes it, looking at her patient for approval.

“Seems alright to me. Do you want me to keep going?”

“Please, nurse, yes.”

Caroline uses her softest touch to grip his cock and pull the skin up and down. She watches Felix to gauge his reaction, to see how he likes it best. He moans as her pace quickens, and she grips him tighter to work him from the base to the very tip. He has a thick, glorious cock. A perfect medical specimen.

“Oh god, nurse. It feels so good.”

She adjusts herself to sit near his cock on the bed, and then bends down to take it into her mouth. Felix groans for nearly a whole minute as he feels her hot tongue moving against his tip and lick his shaft. She sucks him expertly, eating him up without concern about the possible pain. Nurse Caroline takes a lot of pride in how noisy and happy her patient is, and does her most precise work to please him.

“Could you fuck me, nurse? It wouldn’t have to be rough. I can just lay right here on my back.”

“Of course, honey.”

The nurse pulls her cotton panties to the side, hikes up her dress, and mounts her handsome patient in the middle of the hospital bed. She lowers herself down as softly as possible onto his cock, feeling every inch stretch her hot cunt. It feels amazing, and the sensation is boosted by its wickedness.

Caroline fucks Felix with great care, slowly riding up and down his dick. He watches her strong thighs lift and fall, seeing his cock disappear inside of her with each bounce. She throws her head back and moans; gorgeous even under the yellow hospital lights. His balls tighten, ready to shoot cum into this angel of a nurse.

“Oh baby, I’m so close,” he says.

“Cum inside of me.”

She doesn’t have to order him around any more than that. Felix cums inside of her pussy, filling up Caroline and ignoring his pain. She looks down at his “O” face with love and tenderness, as any good nurse would. Once each drop has been emptied from his cock, she dismounts and tenderly cleans her patient. The morning songbirds are already doing their good work, just as Nurse Caroline has completed hers.