Masturbation Monday: The 4th of July


This erotica short is an entry to the weekly Masturbation Monday challenge, hosted by author Kayla Lords! The rules are simple: write something nasty that makes people want to masturbate. If you liked to read it, “like” this post! 🙂

It is July 4th, 1776; a Tuesday. A warm, humid day in Philadelphia. Wig-wearing men about town mop their brows with handkerchiefs, and women fan themselves lazily as they shop at butcher shops, bakeries, tailors, and general stores. There is an energy that also works to heat and thicken the air, although daily trade continues and most faces betray no sign of it.

Elizabeth Price, youngest daughter of the Reverend Tobias Price, sews at the window in their fine house on Eighth Street. She watches the face of each passerby, searching for her rowdy young friends. She yearns for news, but must wait inside with the embroidery and the houseplants and the other trappings of an elegant female prison. The mahogany clock in the morning room, imported from England, ticks on.

Two familiar faces turn the corner onto Eighth Street, and Elizabeth jumps up from her work. Pip and Gregory are smiling, ruddy boys who have played kick the can with her since their youth. They walk arm in arm, singing and annoying everyone on their way to the Price’s home. Elizabeth runs to the front door and swings it open before they can even knock.

“You wicked boys! I’ve been waiting all day for news.”

Pip hugs his rosy companion, and Gregory pats her head of curls. She ushers them in with promises of cake, tea, and sandwiches if only they provide some news. The three friends sit together on a green embroidered couch. Elizabeth rests her hands on each boy’s knee, pulling them closer to her in her affectionate way.

“We’ve declared independence,” Gregory says, “the red coats don’t stand a chance.”

“Goodbye, fat king!” Elizabeth cheers. In her excitement, she pulls each boy closer and plants a kiss on their cheek. Because it feels so lovely and because they all share the same hopeful energy, they kiss her back and keep kissing her. She giggles and holds their heads close to hers, muttering cheers for their newfound independence and the Continental Congress.

Pip’s polite kisses move towards her ear, and he nibbles on them while Elizabeth laughs. Gregory, in his patriotic excitement, runs his hand over her frilly floral bodice while he steals a real kiss from her. It is a dance they have sometimes performed, clumsily, as friends.

Gregory’s hand dips into the top of her bodice, searching for those pink nipples that he loves so well. He finds them and pinches, rolling the tips between his fingers.

“You’re so bad,” chides Elizabeth, “but as free men, I suppose you can do anything you want to now.”

Pip, sucking on her earlobe, pulls up her frilly dress and sees her white stockings and straps. His cock thickens to its fullest size as he sees her long legs beneath that dress, and he runs a hand over her knees and up towards her flower. Reaching between her legs, he feels how wet her pussy is between his fingers. He spreads the wetness around while using his free hand to rub his own cock.

Elizabeth is lost between the two boys. She is so happy that she feels like singing. The heat between her legs grows in that mysterious way. If she could marry both of these men, she would. Maybe in these new, free colonies, she considers.

“Oh Elizabeth, let me stick you with my needle,” Pip says as he rubs the full length of his cock beneath his trouser fabric.

In reply, she opens her legs for him. Gregory watches with wide eyes as his friend unbuckles and reveals a stiff, long tool. Elizabeth, with modesty, looks away as he mounts her on the couch.

“Ooh! It’s so big, it hurts!” she cries.

“Just let me go a little deeper,” Pip says, pushing the full length of his cock into her tight hole.

Gregory fears that he is missing out on something wonderful, and removes his own prick from the his woolen trousers. He politely removes his shoes, then stands up on the couch beside Elizabeth’s head.

“Will you lick this, Lizzy dear?” Gregory asks.

She smiles and opens her mouth for her friend, sucking and slurping like a fine little whore. There is so much pleasure between her legs, and her friend Gregory is so delicious, she can hardly stand it. Both boys watch each other fuck Elizabeth, pushing their cocks into her warm wetness. They watch their cocks disappear into her, then reemerge covered in juice.

Elizabeth groans. A strange feeling is building up between her legs, and she rolls to meet Pip’s cock with great energy. Watching her wiggle, Gregory can no longer hold back. He shoots streams of white cream into her mouth, and she gurgles on each drop. Elizabeth swallows, and a drop of Gregory’s cream drips down the side of her chin.

When Pip sees this drip, his pace quickens. He fucks his friend with a happiness rarely felt, and she returns his strokes by pushing back. Gregory and Elizabeth wiggle and finish together, moaning with their eyes closed, feeling each other throb inside of her cunt.

The three pile onto each other now, resting on the couch in a tangle of arms and legs.

“Happy fourth of July,” says Elizabeth.

“Happy fourth of July,” says Pip and Gregory.