Reviews: Punish the Master and My Dear Alien

!!! Lots of happy screaming happening this morning !!! Check out these fantastic reviews from a fellow erotica champion.

Crush Blush

I’m going to cheat a little bit and publish two reviews for the price of one. I’m a fan of Mintie Price’s blog and tweets, and recently finished reading a couple of her stories on Amazon. Since the common thread in these reviews is that she’s a fucking TALENTED writer, figured I’d just wax lyrical across a single post. Being efficient, and all that. These reviews are also posted on Goodreads, FYI.

My Dear Alien: An XXX Tentacle Adventure in Outer SpaceMy Dear Alien: An XXX Tentacle Adventure in Outer Space

Mintie Price is a freak of nature. That’s right, I said it. This woman strings words together in ways sublime and divine. The talent bursts through the pages, catching you by the throat and letting up only long enough for you to gasp, “Holy corncobbing aliens, Batman, how did she think that up?”

Yes, this is XXX stuff, but it’s literate stuff. A true pleasure to read in…

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