A “Tiny Turn On” Erotic Short: Drink From The Fount

The “Tiny Turn On” series will feature a standalone erotic short in less than 1,000 words. If you enjoy this story, let me know!


It is June 26th, a broiling day in 1878. A solemn cluster of travelers sit in a plain cabin on the train to Salt Lake City. They have travelled from Virginia to convert and compel a new flock into The Church of Christ’s Brilliant Love. There is the handsome Reverend Nicholas, the bright-eyed theologian James, and his plain if cheerful wife Katie.

They sit with hearts pounding and tears in their eyes, not because of the weight of their grand mission, but because their train has just been robbed.

“Cry not, Katie, all is well. They did not find the bills in my trouser,” says the eloquent Reverend.

“Perhaps it is God thwarting us from our cause,” she sniffles, “it may be a sign.”

James wraps his arms around his wife, but neither feel comforted. A barren landscape trails past the cabin window, with open plains and the occasional sun-stained boulder. Their private compartment is simple and uncomfortable, with pine pews for seats and little ventilation. The travelers sweat in their all-black religious attire, sewn undoubtedly by someone who had never travelled West.

“Perhaps we could sing a religious hymn?” offers the Reverend.

“My throat is parched from screaming,” Katie retorts.

“Why don’t you drink from the fount of our Almighty?” says James.

Katie wipes away a fat tear and looks at the Reverend. His nose is so large and commanding, it gives her chills down between her legs. The Church of Christ’s Brilliant Love is known for translating these urges into a religious experience. Drinking of the fount seems like a wonderful idea in the hour of her great distress.

“Yes, let me drink from it.”

The Reverend unbuttons the front of his woolen trousers while Katie bends down onto her knees before him, rumbling along with the moving train. He reveals his sacred rod, a thick pink cock with an upward bend. Katie whispers a prayer of grace, and then uses both hands to hold onto the rod. She runs her tongue in circles along the tip with her eyes closed, then begins to suckle.

James watches his wife drink from the fount, and feels his cock engorge to mammoth size. He crawls down from the pew and lifts the back of his wife’s dress, feeling through the layers of fabric for her cunt. She is sweaty, and the cunt is soaked. He tickles the pink folds while he watches her bob up and down on the Reverend’s cock. She slurps merrily at her task, sucking and using her hands in unison.

“This is a wonderful sight for our Lord to behold,” the Reverend says between groans. “James, please remove her Earthly burdens.”

James releases her wet cunt and starts to unbutton and remove her garments. She pauses from sucking only to let her husband lift the dress off her body. He unrolls her socks and unties her petticoats until she is naked. Her body is pale and thin, with small breasts and pink nipples. James runs his hand along her flesh from the neck down to the curve of her ass; she is a lovely vessel for Christ.

“Come Katie, sit.”

Katie straddles the Reverend and guides her cunt over his waiting rod. It’s so wet that the fit is easy, and she swallows him inch by inch. Her husband watches the cock disappear into his wife, taken between her small folds. He sits beside the Reverend to watch her in action, bouncing up and down on the rod with Nicholas holding her waist and guiding her along.

“Oh, it is very good,” she says with her eyes closed.

James is unable to hold back. He unbuttons his own trousers and takes his cock into his hand, looking back and forth between his wife’s bouncing breasts and her swollen pink cunt. The Reverend sees this action and reaches out his own hand.

“Let me serve you, Brother.”

While Katie rides with her head back and mouth open, the Reverend strokes James’ cock with his soft hands. These white palms and fingers have spent many nights softly turning each page of the Bible, and little else. James closes his eyes in the fashion of his wife, feeling the sensation of the Reverend’s hand move up and down his long member.

“Oh, Reverend,” says James.

“Oh, my Reverend!” says Katie.

Katie reaches for her own clit and rubs as she rides, feeling close to her finish. The Reverend and the train car fade away; only the cock deep inside of her cunt is real.

“I’m so close, Reverend, I’m going to release soon,” she whispers.

“Empty yourself, for our Father,” the Reverend says as Katie groans to a finish, rolling and rocking over his cock as she goes. When James sees his wife’s juice dripping down between her legs and onto the Reverend’s black curly hair, he releases likewise into the Reverend’s soft hand. White cum streaks across the pine floor of the train compartment.

Katie dismounts the Reverend and gets on her knees before him. She knows that the task is unfinished until she fully drinks from the fount. Sucking and slurping, she takes his cock into her small mouth and rolls her tongue over the tip.

“Our Father will be well-pleased,” the Reverend says.  

Katie works her hand and mouth diligently as his groans become fiercer and his eyes roll back. The Lord moves through him now, and creamy white juice squirts into Katie’s mouth. She drinks from the fount and swallows with her eyes closed in happy reverence. James lifts his clasped hands in thankfulness for the Lord and all of his miracles. The train rolls on towards its destination.