Masturbation Monday: The Candy Shoppe


This erotica short is an entry to the weekly Masturbation Monday challenge, hosted by author Kayla Lords! The rules are simple: write something nasty that makes people want to masturbate. If you liked to read it, “like” this post! 🙂

The Candy Shoppe is located conveniently next to the food court at the Briardale Mall. It is a retro-themed confection of red stripes, white subway tile, and barber poles. Inside the cheerful shop, hand-made chocolate truffles are made. There is also an assortment of rainbow lollipops, taffy, and gum balls for sale, all wrapped in saran and ribbon.

It is a happy place. It is also a heavily overpriced place that caters to those buying anniversary or birthday gifts for loved ones.

Amy and Chelsea close up The Candy Shoppe after a long Friday night. They are both new hires for the summer, and the process is slow. The “brand integrity” insists that they use old fashioned registers, which means that balancing totals at the end of the night takes time. Most of the mall employees are already home, pouring their first glass of Friday wine.

Chelsea works on the register, counting and recounting quarters and dimes. She is efficient and dedicated to her task, wearing her trademark stern ponytail and makeup-free look. It will be another half hour before she finishes and can call her brother to come and pick her up.

Amy is neither efficient nor dedicated to her task, which is to sweep and tidy everything up for Saturday. She listens to music on her headphones and sneaks a few chocolate truffles from the display case. The all-white uniform can barely contain her thick curves, deliciously encouraged by all of the candy in the Shoppe. Everything about is her rosy, alive, and jiggling.

While half-heartedly dusting the glass jar of jawbreakers, Amy pauses. I bet I could fit one of those in my pussy, she thinks, imagining what her uptight coworker would say about the idea.

She doesn’t hesitate. Amy opens the glass lid and snags a jawbreaker, slipping into her hand and then dashing off to the back room.

Amy likes to dare herself to do things, sometimes double-dog-dare. She’s been wet since just about closing time, when a hunky mall cop strode in, asked for a sample, and didn’t bother to hide the pitched a tent in his uniform.

They back room is where they make truffles and other candies during the week. There are silver counters, enormous fridges, and the general scent of cocoa throughout. Amy hops onto one of the cold silver surfaces and opens her legs, revealing a pair of hot pink boy shorts. Even from this angle, she can see a dark spot of wetness between her legs.

Although she trusts that Chelsea is going to take like, forever closing out the register, she doesn’t remove her underwear. Instead, she moves it to one side and dips the jawbreaker between her legs. Amy rubs the cool surface of the ball over her wet cunt, making the candy glisten.

As she presses it against her clit, her juices cover the ball and polish the entire surface. Before she inserts it into her cunt, Amy licks the jawbreaker to see what her pussy and the candy taste like together. Delicious.

Now she dips the edge of the ball into her pussy, teasing it and testing it to see whether or not the white, speckled candy will fit. She rubs her clit with her free hand in order to convince her body to take the jawbreaker willingly.

“Oooh, ooh,” she moans, dipping the ball in and out of her pussy like the teasing tip of a cock.

She rubs her clit fiercely, knowing that Chelsea won’t be at the register forever. A part of her wishes that her mousey coworker would walk in, just to see her face. With this thought, the jawbreaker moves deeper into her cunt until it is both halfway in and halfway out. She bobs it with her finger and gyrates her hips on the cold metal counter.

Now her pussy swallows the jawbreaker in one gulp, pulling upwards as Amy gasps. She can feel it pressing against the walls of her cunt, delivering a wave of pleasure within her. She rubs her wet pussy even harder now, moaning freely. She’s beyond worrying if anyone walks in or not.

Her climax creeps closer and she rubs and wiggles. With her eyes closed, she doesn’t see Chelsea enter the room through the saloon style doors. Chelsea drops her bag of counted register cash and gasps. There is Amy, legs apart, rubbing her cunt on the counter where they make chocolate truffles.

If Amy realizes that her coworker is there, she gives no sign. She pushes the jawbreaker inside of her cunt and moves towards a roaring finish. In a moment, she is groaning and whining and wiggling as juice leaks down her cunt and onto the counter.

“Ohh fuck!” Amy screams to a finish.

The jawbreaker emerges, pushing out of her pussy and dropping in a clash onto the floor. It bounces across the tile and rolls serendipitously over to Chelsea’s sensible tennis shoes. Chelsea stops the gooey ball with her foot, examines its incredible size, and then looks at her coworker with a distinctive expression of “holy shit.”