Getting Back Into A Saddle of Writing, Upon a Horse of Success

Hello, readers!

I took a brief break from erotica while on vacation over the weekend, which you may not have noticed thanks to my dear friend Hootsuite and some excellent auto-Tweeting. And while I anticipated to be happy and free and tanned, I actually missed my chains and Mintie responsibility. I missed the daily word count deadline, checking Twitter, and looking through my pornographic feed filled with butts and boobies.

During my “rest,” I did think of a few good short ideas (you will shortly see the fruit of that wickedness). I also decided a few other things about writing, especially about going on vacations and taking rests. How does one get back into the swing of writing after a long trip? What about getting back into the swing of writing after a short hiatus because life became busy? These are the things I’ve concluded for myself, and may help you during the summer as you take short vacations to the Hamptons or wherever you bourgeois writers summer.

Getting back to business

If you stop running during a lengthy run, you feel terrible. Your foot pains and lack of breath catch up to you, the sky spins, and you feel like barfing. The same is very true of writing; it’s hard to stop when you’ve been on a steady pace. The best advice I can offer is to not go to sleep until you reach your goals. If you come back and are tired, take care of your laundry and then write a hundred words. Even if it’s a teeny tiny amount of writing, it will make you feel as if you got that initial hurdle out of the way.

No more breaks

I’ve decided not to take any more breaks from the inevitable word count. I quit my second job and don’t have any real excuse to stop; even on vacation, I spent time flipping through crappy TV channels and missing my erotica work. It doesn’t take but an hour and a half to reach my daily word count, and so there is no reason to go a stretch without doing so. When you consider all of the time spend staring at bad wall art and watching HSN on vacation, it just makes me sick.

There may be a day’s worth of grace for a particularly stressful week or some emotional drama. But there is no reason for a consecutive streak beyond two days. No one is going to build a pornographic content empire that way.

But really, no more

In some ways, writing is a rest. Your brain escapes from the toil of your turd life filled with boys who don’t love you and money that you don’t have. Instead, there are just a lot of horny erotica characters who find happiness and orgasms in romantic places like outer space. With this perspective, I hope you also find writing to be less of a “chore,” and more of an escape from your own reality. If you can find time to veg out with a jumbo bag of cheddar popcorn, then lord knows you can veg out with your own writing.

Anyways, I missed you guys, I missed my website, I missed my current story about a married woman and a plumber fucking on a bathroom floor next to a broken toilet. So happy to be home.