Super Duper Sin: A Filthy Bundle Erotic Shorts

If having a kink is like having an itch that needs to be scratched, consider this to be ten hands worth of hard scratching.

This collection features ten complete short stories, totaling an eye-popping 48,000 words of filth. From lesbian romps under a midnight moon to brats who rule their taboo house, there’s a little something for everyone in this bundle.

What can you expect to find in Super Duper Sin?

Greasy Men: An XXX Edition of Uptown Girl
One Uptown Girl, five Downtown Dudes collide in a grease-stained erotica inspired by the music video for everyone’s favorite Billy Joel song.

Bad Werewolf: XXX Monster Fun
Midge loves horror movies and graveyards strolls. But is she ready to experience a real werewolf in her own backyard?

Mr. Russell and the Brat: An XXX Tale of Family Fun
Mr. Russell enjoys taking vitamins and jogging. His step-daughter Olivia enjoys chaos. The one thing they share is a taboo craving for each other.

My Dear Alien: An XXX Tentacle Adventure in Outer Space
What happens when a sweet farmer’s wife is left unsatisfied? An alien ship beams her up into a tentacle paradise, of course.

Little Tessa: An XXX Punishment Tale With a Twist
Tessa looks as sweet as a piece of candy. But teen heartthrobs beware: this fangirl is the kind of candy with glass shards in the middle.

Leda: An XXX Retelling of Leda and the Swan
When Zeus develops a craving for the Spartan queen, he will go to any length to taste her peach. Even if it means disguising himself as a swan.

Two Strangers Ride on the Subway: An XXX Public Romp
Brittany and Mark are two strangers who have only shared glances during their work commute home on the subway. That’s about to change.

Bitchin Witches: An XXX Lesbian Forest Romp
You’re invited to watch group of lesbian witches during their wild May Day celebration. There’s wine, a huge fire, and satisfaction for all.

Sister Helena: An XXX Tale of Punishment
A mathematics class turns Medieval when the cruel Sister Helena decides to unleash her fury on two of the wickedest students at the school. Practice your Hail Mary for this one.

Vampire Nasties: An XXX Tale With a Bite
Tilly has no idea that Missed Connections post on Craigslist will lead her to the center of a red-hot vampire party. This tale is a celebration of everyone’s favorite two things: blood and boobs.

What kind of kink can you expect? Taboo, lesbian, multiple partners, exhibitionism, tentacles, and more. Like a giant gum ball machine, you never know which juicy flavor will pop out.

Charge up that Kindle and put new batteries into your favorite vibrator. Super Duper Sin has you covered.

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