I Am A Kid Proudly Showing Off My Report Card Here

Today, I received one of the best reviews of all time, ever, from a fantastic erotica goddess (Tracey DeSanto) whom I love forever and ever amen. For your pleasure (or displeasure, I don’t care), I am copy-pasting the review of “Super Duper Sin” directly from Goodreads and inserting it below. May my ego never feel bummed and may Tracey DeSanto live forever.

A simmering smorgasbord.

I really like Mintie Price. She’s nervy. She has crisp, creative ideas and a willingness to dive headlong into sexy adventures. Mintie uses her bright and exact prose to toss up defined and relatable characters as she bounces effortlessly from one sexy genre to the next. Taboo? Maybe. Literate? Undeniably. Sexy? You better believe it!

Mintie spanks your bottom and puts her tongue in your ear with ten stories in “Super Duper Sin”. Then she takes her tongue back and puts it firmly in her own cheek and she wittily shows you her dirty world, winking and nudging all the way.

Here is a whole slew of scenarios. It’s like she’s saying, “Hey… look here. What do you think of that? “That” being a farmwife self-pleasuring in a corn field before meeting the UFO alien tentacles. “That” is also the groady encounter a teen girl has with her chubby boy-pal before she ends up colliding with a werewolf. My favourite “that” is the re-telling of the classical Greek myth about Zeus descending to earth (in the form of a swan) to seduce the Queen of Sparta. I mean… who would think of that except for Mintie Price?

“That” manifests ten different ways in “Super Duper Sin”. All of them are a delight. The collection runs the bases on such tropes as “brat with step-dad”, “rich girl gang group encounter”, and “secret boning on the subway”. There are vampires, catholic girls, and lesbian witches. So much fun!

This diversity in perversity is one of Mintie’s great strengths, but it is not her only great strength. Her imagery is fresh and her wit is tight and pointy. Her characters are fleshed and fun. The stories come via unexpected approaches and lead to novel, satisfying outcomes. All the shorts (and they are short) are loopy with colour, zeal and filthy enthusiasm. Mintie Price is a talented writer on any level. Lucky for us, she points her spicy pen at erotica, for the good of all our appetites.

You can buy the shorts individually, but why would you? This collection is such a bargain. It is so full of value that there is plenty here for any erotica fan, regardless of specific tastes and peccadillos.

More please. Keep ‘em coming!