It’s Okay to Throw Your Erotica Into the Trashcan

If your erotica stinks like a fresh turd, you can throw it into the trashcan and then take out the trash bag to an outdoor receptacle.” -Mintie Price

Word counts are important. Sometimes I make characters stutter in surprise for three paragraphs in order to meet my goals. “What…what…what do you mean? Do you mean that you pad your word…word…count?”

Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t. You’ll have to pay .99 on Amazon to find out.

But no word count is important enough to justify poor writing. Even if it kills you, if you aren’t itching to start writing every day, delete what pesters you and start over. My cure for writer’s block is to assess what is blocking me in the first place. 10 times out of 10, it’s the fact that my entire story stinks and needs to be destroyed. So I destroy it.

Are you stuck? Are you procrastinating your word count right now just to read this nonsense blog post on an erotica author’s blog? Here’s a handy little test to see whether or not you need to select all of the text in your word doc and then press delete.

Does the premise lack oomph?

In the time I’ve started my erotica challenge, I’ve completely deleted two shorts. One was about a group of high schoolers who tie up and bone the high school bully, and one was about a housewife who keeps breaking things in her home to bone repairmen. The problem was the premise. They seemed like really cheesy porn set-ups to me, especially when I started getting into the detail. I felt like I was becoming one of those erotica writers who transcribe what they see in porn, rather than creating something unique.

If you feel limited or have the sensation that you’re watching a Redtube video, then just delete it. Erotica is not limited by the set budgets and poor acting of pornography; it can take place anywhere and has no budget. Start writing a story that you can feel excited about.

Do your characters annoy you?

In the story about the high schoolers, I made the main two characters too mean for my preferences. They were boogers. No matter how I tried to make the villain seem wicked, these idiots seemed a lot more cruel. It felt predatory and not fun, which isn’t the tone I want to have in my erotica. I enjoy taboo topics and downright nasty stuff, but only when all parties are enjoying it.

If you wouldn’t even give your characters a pity handjob after a really bad date they paid for, forget it. Delete ‘em. Start over.

Starting fresh feels really good. It’s like when your cup of coffee gets down to those last two sips and becomes room temperature. Then your waitress comes by and voila! Hot coffee that you can publish on Amazon.

Let’s go delete something. Together.